We create user-centric, empathy-driven and interactive experiences.

The Litehouse team’s “design-led engineering” mindset helps us build customer facing systems of engagement to deepen customer engagement, increase profitability and encourage loyalty.


Customer Experience Design

There are only two reasons why a customer would remember their experience with your brand – either it was incredibly good, or horrible enough to make them vow never to come back.

At Litehouse, we focus on molding an omni-channel customer experience designed to develop long-term relationships and promote continued business growth. Driven by a foundation of multiple client work and research, our customer experience design approach encompasses a series of customer interactions – your brand, offerings and touch points. Our suite of customer experience design offerings that involve an agile “discover – understand – design – iterate and implement” workflow, creates a lasting emotional connect with your customers to drive brand loyalty.

User Experience Design

Seamless, intuitive and aesthetically optimized interactions across channels and devices are what customers look for every time they engage with you.

Our data and insight driven design thinking will help you intuitively structure the human-computer interaction to create an immersive experience that elevates adoption and advocacy. To understand your organization’s business goals, the experience context and your users, we leverage primary and secondary user research techniques including:

    • Conducting interviews, workshops and surveys with end users and stakeholder
    • Developing user personas
    • Performing contextual inquiry and task analysis
    • Carrying out card sorting activities
Design and Prototyping

Wireframe design, visual design and prototype development all come together to transform wild and random thoughts into working models of desirable products or services.

A great product idea, but poor user experience can mean that early customers might reject your idea outright. To offer customers simplified and intuitive user interfaces in a multi-platform environment, our team of experienced designers ensure that the visual design blends easily with any brand guidelines and technical requirements. Rapid and effective prototyping generates feedback early enough to improve the final design and meet customer requirements.

Experience Evaluation

Designing a memorable experience begins and ends with the user. Success is defined by how easily and efficiently the target audience is able to use the product or service in question – so how do you test this?

A critical part of designing a memorable experience is to evaluate a digital product by testing it on real users. We measure and optimize customer interactions with your digital products by making them available to everyone, including the differently abled, across devices.

Our usability, accessibility testing and validation services enhance the usability and accessibility of websites, intranets or mobile applications. The independent validation and verification services ensure an enhanced customer experience, and compliance with regulations, industry standards, and guidelines.

Content Development and Digital Marketing

Today, effectively reaching out to current and prospective users across digital platforms is an essential part of brand building and customer engagement.

At Litehouse, our digital media planning capability involves understanding where your target audience prefers being engaged in the digital landscape, and developing a dynamic presence on these digital properties. These could be paid opportunities, earned opportunities or owned opportunities.

A fundamental aspect of integrated campaigning across these platforms is ensuring that the right message to the right customer at the right time using the right medium. This requires media and messaging strategies to be in sync across the digital landscape, as well as consistently engaging content.

Front End Development
Front-end Development

The Litehouse front-end development (FED) team makes digital product and service designs come alive.

In today’s mobile-first world, we create a compelling user experience by leveraging various tools and frameworks for front-end development including HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, AngularJS and JQuery. Some of the Content Management Systems (CMS) that we have expertise in using are Umbraco and WordPress. At Litehouse, we aim at crafting sites that provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices.